I love my name. Absolutely love it. And all my nicknames (Kayshay and Ace are the most popular).
I grew up in California and somehow ended up in…Utah? This was never part of my plan. But it’s okay so far.

I love all art with all my heart.
I organize all of my books on separate shelves according to genre, then in alphabetical order.
I like to drive, but not in the snow. Snow driving scares me, especially with Utah drivers (sorry, but really…it’s true).
I start a lot of things but only finish some of them.
I try to stay away from too much drama, but I’ll admit, I find it super entertaining.
I like music and movies and books more than almost anything and I like to write about them.
Sometimes I’ll post blogs that I’ve written in the middle of the night, find them months later while looking through my old posts, and not remember writing them in the first place.

That’s basically it.