Lauren and Jenna, Buena High School, 2005

I don’t really have a whole ton to say today.

Except I miss the theatre department crew up at Weber.

And I’m about half way done with my application essay for the University of ———-.

Still not telling. Not until I actually submit the application.

I did tell my mom though, and she said, “I’ll believe that when it happens.”
Gee, thanks mom.

That’s exactly why I didn’t say anything to anyone in the first place, but I needed some of her information for the application, so I had to tell her.

My goal is to finish the essay by Saturday, with all revisions done by next Wednesday. I’m still concerned about how I’m going to fit everything together. Thankfully, a lot of the requirements for the essay have been covered and have worked well together in my writing so far, but there are a few things where I’m not sure where to fit them in.

I wrote an entire song devoted to the downsides of the whole beginning of the year, frustrating college process. At least it was frustrating for me the last two years, but maybe I’m just unlucky.Anyway, my brother told me it was funny, so I suppose I’ll trust his judgment. Funny was my goal.
Maybe I’ll record it in a couple days and stick it up on youtube. Maybe.

I just realized that I could go with Jenna to Wrockstock IV if my mom wont let my brother go. If she can’t go…I’ll go by myself, I guess, which wouldn’t be the end of the world. But I will go.

Song of the day: “The Hero” by Ministry of Magic – my new favorite band, hands down.
Also, “The Past and the Pending” by The Shins. Favorite Shins song ever. It makes me feel extremely nostalgic.
Don’t forget, you can listen to all my Songs of the Day in the link to the left over there.
No Film of the Day today. But I am watching season 3 of Dexter, which is fantastic.

Later days.

“Held to the past too aware of the pending
Chill as the dawn breaks and finds us up for sale.
Enter the fog another low road descending
Away from the cold lust, your house and summertime.”

The Past and the Pending