Is there such a thing?


Too much art is why I dropped art as my major a year and a half ago in the first place. But luckily, too little art brought me back to doing just enough.

Except right now.
I have so many prints due tomorrow in photography it’s ridiculous. I got about half done in the two hours that I was there tonight. I also have four cups that I need to trim in the ceramics studio that are probably already too dry in order to trim them correctly anyway.


wft people? It’s not even mid November. Just give it a few weeks.


I’m having college issues. As in “I hate where I’m going now, I don’t want to go back to where I was last year, so where should I go?”

I just need to go somewhere that’s not Utah or California. Lived there, done that. I want new, I want change, I want a fresh start, and I do not want to be living at home. I’ll never be able to find my true self if I stay here.

I wish I was able to go visit all the schools I’m interested in; see the cities they’re in, meet people, etc. Being broke is tough haha.


I need some friends that don’t live over 5 hours away. That would be nice.
Everyone I’ve tried being friends with here in St. George is…well, just not people who I see myself hanging out with. I need the Foothill Tech people back, “the nerds” as Tyler liked to call them, even though he was friends with them too.
Speaking of Foothill, I talked to Alex over facebook today. That was nice. I miss him. He’s so far away in Boston.

Everyone is so far away from St. George, it’s seriously the most geographically challenged town. Nothing is actually near us.


I feel like I’m complaining, so I’m going to end this now and go research schools.

Later days.


Song of the Day: “Blister In the Sun” by Violent Femmes, or any of their other songs. “Gone Daddy Gone” is another of my favorites.
Film of the Day: Taxi Driver (1976). Scorsese at his best (besides maybe Gangs of New York). De Niro at his best, as well. Fun fact: Jodie Foster was actually 12 years old when this was filmed. Also, the name “Travis” was supposedly inspired by the character Mick Travis from the film If…, which is another good movie, though kind of insane. But so is Taxi Driver, so nevermind.