I just pulled an all nighter without even meaning to. Time just flew by, that’s really weird.

So the highlight of my day – yesterday, I guess – was finding out that Lauren S. from church is a Nerdfighter. I’ve known her for yearssss, and I had no idea. I should really keep in touch with people. And not just any people, but the ones that I felt genuinely happy around.
I’m starting to figure out what and who really makes me happy. It’s not the people I party with up in Ogden (no offence to them, it’s always been fun), but it’s the one’s I could always be myself around. In a nutshell: the nerds.

Hanging out in the band room all day, and almost every day, before drumline practices back in the day were where I was the most happy. I’m happy playing my guitar in the dark while Jenna falls asleep to it.
I get ecstatic when I play Monopoly for hours with my brothers on a weekend when I could easily be doing something else. I feel most at peace when I close my eyes when I’m throwing something on the ceramics wheel, or closing my eyes while playing something blindly on the piano or on a drum.

My brother and I decided today that we will go to Wrockstock next year. At least I will if he can’t. It’s like there was an entire culture out there that I knew about but had forgotten, and I’m discovering it now, just in time. In time for what though? Life, I guess. True happiness. I’ve felt lost for a while but now I have hope.

I’ve found my path, my open road.

I’ve finally figured something out.


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