Let me back up.

CAUTION: After writing this whole thing, I realized that it almost seemed kind of anticlimactic. Feel free to skim through if needed, otherwise…go for it. Just don’t be disappointed I guess, is my point. It is almost 3 in the morning.
So I was having an okay day on November 5th (I mention the date because I’m actually writing about it at 2 am on the 6th). I only had one class: French. Well, I had ceramics at night, but I never go to that class when I’m actually supposed to.
Anyway, I woke up at a somewhat decent hour (meaning before 11am at some point). I went into my mom’s office and helped out with advertising tactics, and by that I mean puting CNS Home Health labels onto six cases of Costco water bottles. It went well except for the fact that I had really bad posture the whole time I was doing this, therefore bringing on a neck ache, which led to a head ache. So I went home to lay down and skipped French. It was a blessing in disguise, really.

Three hours later my mom calls me asking, “Where are you? Did you forget?”
At first I played it off like “no, of course I didn’t, I’m just puting on my shoes” (my exact words) even though I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I remembered I was doing paperwork at a flu clinic somewhere in town in fifteen minutes and still had to go pick up all of the vaccinations and supplies. Oops.
I will admit I sped a bit to beat the time crunch, but I always speed anyway so I didn’t really care. I mean, come on; it’s Utah. Nobody here actually goes the speed limit. Though they’re usually five miles under rather than the opposite (plus some) that I tend to do.

I got through the clinic with the head ache I still had. It was at a Steel company. A lot of big impatient guys with southern-ish accents. Whatever.

As I’m leaving the office of this place, my hands full, complete with duffel bag, ice cooler, sharps container, and box of paperwork, I do something I haven’t done for a while (which is amazing, come to think of it, that I haven’t done it in so long). I pushed the door open with my left foot all skillfully like I do it all the freaking time, then step outside the door…and practically fall over.
I know right?
Apparently the door kind of drops off about three or four inches from the actually, you know, ground. And I couldn’t really tell, nor could anyone else in my situation I’ve now decided, so half of my foot hit this drop off ledge and the other half hit air. Then my ankle rolled all kinds.

At first it didn’t hurt and I could walk out to my car, but then as I was driving home it started pulsating or whatever. Still is. My mom wants to rush me to the doctor in the morning since I was working while I did this, or else she’d probably just tell me to wait it out, since I do tend to do this a lot.

Since I injured my ankle, I couldn’t go develop and dodge and burn my prints for photo tonight at school. I should be concerned since they’re due Monday and I’ll be up in Provo and Ogden this weekend, but I’m not. I never am. I’m past that point now. I just need the semester to be done, please.

On another note, I’m excited to stay with Shannon this weekend and also see all my Ventura friends that now go to BYU. I still can’t get over how many Venturans go there this year. Even more next year. But hopefully I wont be in this state at that point.

This was kind of long. My bad. If I were you, I probably wouldn’t have read it all. But that’s just me. I hate reading from a computer screen.

Good night (finally), and later days.

Song of the day: “The Queen Is Dead (Take Me Back To Dear Old Blightly)” by The Smiths. I LOVE the drum intro for this song. Reminds me of drumline, just way easier.
Film of the day: The Men Who Stare at Goats (2009) starring Ewan McGregor and George Clooney. Coming out this week, I believe. I’m pretty stoked for it, looks good. And there haven’t been any decent movies out for a couple weeks in my opinion. Except all of the good movies that don’t play in St. George, Utah. One BIG downside to this town.


Tyler and me on graduation day

 I just found this in my pictures and I’m totally missing him, so I decided to put it up. That was a great day.