I would to go to San Diego just to eat at Konos

Oh dear lord, that last bit of blog was long.

So I’ve decided that when I write in my blogs I write as if I have hundreds of readers reading my blog daily. Maybe if I keep doing that it will happen someday. Or maybe I’m just not interesting. That’d be a bummer.
…if that were the case.

Anyway, I sat in a doctor’s office today waiting for three hours total, missing my nutrition class, mind you, to get told my ankle’s not broken. I could’ve told them that, but apparently my medical opinion doesn’t count.

I think the highlight of my day so far was connecting half of the paper clips in this little basket my mom keeps on her desk, hiding the connected strand underneath the other half in the basket with only one sticking out the top. This way, when she picks up that one paper clip, she’ll get a strand.
I’m such a trickster.

Later days.

Song of the Day: “Mad World” by Gary Jules. Yes, I know it’s originally by TFF (Tears For Fears), but I honestly don’t even like that version.
Film of the day: The Virgin Suicides (1999) starring Kirsten Dunst and Josh Hartnett, directed by Sophia Coppola (keepin’ it in the family). Kind of goes with the song in a way.
These are sort of depressing choices, but SO GOOOOOD.

PS – About the picture: I’m just really hungry right now. And I remember that being a really fun day with Jenna and Tyler, so I picked it for today.