Friday November 13th is national TWLOHA Day.

“Show support, write love”

I did it the last two years. Go forth and do good, eh.

I also just bought a sticker for my car from TWLOHA, that probably cost way too much for a sticker, but it’s for a good cause so I wont gripe about  for any longer than I just did. 


my new car sticker - coming soon

 I can’t find my guitar tuner. It’s not the end of the world, but it does suck, especially considering this is my second guitar tuner in the history of guitar tuners own by me, and they’re like 20 bucks to replace. Y yo no tengo dinero.

Speaking of speaking spanish, I’m definitely going to NOT be taking French anymore semesters after this one. It’s interesting, sure, but I don’t like it nearly as much as Spanish. I’m also just better at Spanish.
Two more days until I go to Provo! Three more days until I go to Ogden! I’m so excited to see friends.

Until next time,
later days.

Song of the day: “Sunday Bloody Sunday” by U2
Show of the day: Dexter starring Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter (who, by the way, play roles in the show as brother and sister, but are actually married in real life. Weirddd.)