is missing. It’s frustrating living with boys. They just eat everything.

Today I spent an hour in Spoon Me studying French then accidentally missed my French class because I did so. Oops.

I threw three soon-to-be mugs on the wheel tonight. I was in the middle of throwing a bowl when my pinky got caught on the clay and…well, now my hands taped and I’m probably not going to be doing ceramics for at least another week. I need my finger to actually get better. Fully. Not just kind of be pretending to be better, but actually doing it.

Now it’s time for Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Later days.

Song of the day: “Falling In Love At a Coffee Shop” by Landon Pigg (aka the dude from Whip It).
Film of the day: Weeds. Okay, so it’s a show. Get over it.

Honey Nut O's

My missing cereal