I remember when Alex and I would use “Skippy” as a code name when talking about a certain person in public. Great freaking times.

Anyway, I spent 3 or so hours developing film and prints in the lab/darkroom today. I loved it. I love photography. I’m just always worried that I don’t love it enough to make it my major. But I don’t know yet…
I told my grandpa about Watkins, showed him the brochure and such. He approves. I’m glad.

Tyler goes on to the MTC tomorrow morning; he’ll be there for 6-8 weeks learning more Spanish and other missionary things before he actually gets to go to Honduras. For two years. I’m so happy for him though, and so incredibly proud to call him my cousin and one of my closest friends I’ll ever have. There is no one else in the world quite like Tyler.


Example of a print I made today (it needs more work, but I ran out of time so I’ll do more tomorrow):