I have this dish to help me wish.
When I wish to make a wish
I wave my hand with a big swish swish.

I actually had to reference my Dr. Seuss collection for that line.

How genius was he, by the way? His rhyme and rhythm is absolutely phenomenal.

Point being, though, is that I wish I had a digital camera so as to post pictures with my blogs to make them more interesting. Then maybe people would read them. I don’t even read them after they’re posted. Hmm.

Song of the day: “Dazed and Confused” by Led Zeppelin.
Film of the daySorority Row (2009) starring Briana Evigan and Rumer Willis. I know it’s barely coming out of theatres, but it is Halloween time. And it was a freaking great scary movie, and with an interesting plot, no less. You don’t generally see that one.




Good bye Tyler. Have a good two years in Honduras!