Soooo many Utahns (mainly St. George) give off the southern hick feel, and I’m definitely not down with it. Don’t get me wrong, most St. George folk are awesome, but there are a fair few with their big ass trucks and mullets that bug beyond belief.

Sometimes I just feel as though I’m stuck in the South with a bunch of rednecks. Just because we call St. George “Dixie” doesn’t really mean it is.


In other news, I keep getting awesome compliments on my blue watch. It’s a splendid conversation piece.
Also, I was told today that I probably go into Krave frozen yogurt more than anyone else in town. Not a bad thing. I like it there, it’s a cool spot to get away from everything else. So is Spoon Me, where I like to grab a good smoothie for lunch on Mondays around noon, do homework, and chat with the one girl that’s always working there but I don’t know her name..huh. She’s way tight though.

And now I’m going to read The Lovely Bones.

Later days.


Song of the day: “Cracks In the Armor” by Killola
Film of the day: A Beautiful Mind (2001) starring Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, & the guy that plays Mark in ‘Rent’. An amazing story directed by Ron Howard and a winner of four most deserved Academy Awards.
Fun fact: it was filmed in sequence so that Crowe could get a consistent feel for the progession of the manner of behavior of John Nash.