I’ve been sick since the hour of 1:37 am on Tuesday morning of this week. I’m definitely feeling better, but my fever keeps going away and then coming back once it’s gone for a few hours. I’ve been told to stay downstairs away from everybody else. Awesomeee.
At first we thought it was H1N1, aka Swine Flu. Then my brother got a fever, but he still felt okay otherwise, so we went to the doctor to get tested. The results: Mikie has the flu but I do not. Interesting. It’s been 24 hours since his one and only sign and symptom, and he still feels fine. I still feel like crap. But at least there aren’t homemade quarantine signs on my bedroom door.

Like I said, I’m feeling much better, so I’ll still be driving with my mom to Ventura today for seven hours. Ugh. On second thought, I’ll be sleeping to Ventura.

Other than that…this week hasn’t been any different from normal, besides not going to school since Monday. Not excited about going back next week after missing so much, especially in French. But oh well, that’s life, and as long as I keep believing everything’s going to be okay, it will be.
These are just trials and tribulations; we’re supposed to hit bumps along the road or else life would be freaking  boring.