I feel like my writing has slumped slightly. I don’t get as into it as I used to. I wish I could write for a purpose.
Or a job.


I think I’ll start putting up movie ratings in my blogs every time I see a movie, since I see movies so darn much.

Jennifer’s Body – R
3 out of 5
It was okay. I went into the movie thinking I had a grasp on what it was basically about: possessive demons + Megan Fox. I thought, “oh, comedy, obviously”. Plus, Amanda Seyfried is a great actress, which is the main reason I even saw the movie, though I think I give more credit to Megan Fox than most people; I think she has potential and I generally like her in all the movies I’ve seen her in. I guess that isn’t saying a whole lot considering she’s only been in a few.
Anyway, it was mildly entertaining, a little weird at some points, but definitely had the freaky demon and comedy factors. Worth seeing for those who enjoyed the comedy of Juno, because it does show through in Diablo Cody’s work this time once again. For everyone else…see it if you feel the need I suppose.

Sorority Row – R
4 out of 5
Surprised by the high rating? Me too.
I hate horror flicks, but I was intrigued by this good cast of aspiring girl actresses. Rumer Willis was already in one sorority comedy last year, House Bunny, and I enjoyed her in that. Briana Evigan is not only a greatly talented dancer, but her acting isn’t too shabby. And then there’s Margo Harshman, and I’m sure many from my generation of Disney Channel watchers will remember her as Tawny from the show Even Stevens.
The movie has a good cast with great chemistry, and will not only make you jump all over the place from the thrill of the kills, but is actually kind of funny, in a witty sort of way. It was simply entertaining and kept me hooked. Not to mention a great soundtrack.

Gamer – R
2ish out of 5
Ugh. So not what I was expecting. I love Gerard Butler. I love Michael C. Hall. But this didn’t do it for me. Sure, it was interesting, if you’re one of those people that really look into the ideas behind the film, but most regular movie-goers aren’t. It was just…weird. If you’re really interested, go and spend the 5 bucks on it (or more if you’re not in Utah). Otherwise..I’d wait for the DVD. Even then I’d only rent it from Redbox so as to only pay a dollar.

Extract – R
3 and a half out of 5
I absolutely love Jason Bateman. He’s just a loveable, funny guy. Extract definitely has the same sort of feel that Office Space did. Seeing as it’s made by the same people I’d say that’s acceptable. And perfect great. It’s a funny story with funny people (Kristen Wiig, J. K. Simmons) and it all makes for a good movie.



Remember, this is all just my opinion.

I’ll post more whenever I see more movies…and get paid, so I can pay for them.