I’ve decided to live my life the way I want to live it.

Meaning I’m going to actually stick to the plans I make for future adventures / goals.

For example:
2012 Olympics in England – I’m going.
Emerson College in 2010– I’m transferring out of Weber, although it’s going to be really hard to leave the life I’ve established there with such amazing people. And I’m not stoked about taking out loans every year for 40K. gahh.
Bakery/T-Shirt Shop– I’m already done designing several things for shirts, and I’ll be continuing the process for the next few years. And I’ve perfected several amazing recipes for muffins, cupcakes, layer cakes, and cobblers. Mmm.

To name a few for now.



I need to get my temple recommend. I feel extremely out of the loop, for one. And the fact that I can’t go to the temple right now  really gets to me. I really would like to go to the St. George Temple when I get back home, too.


Song of the day: “Gimmee Sympathy” by Metric. Pretty awesome.


Most of the lessons and talks at church today were about forgiveness. Good stuff. It really got me thinking about a lot of stuff. Mainly about letting things go. I don’t need anymore garbage in my personal trash bin, so to speak.


It’s now time to depart for sleep. Adios.

Later days.