Song of the day: “If the Moon Fell Down” by Chase Coy

I think I’ve finally thought of a story for a book. As in a truly legit novel. I just need to get it all straight in my mind before I even try to give writing this a shot. It will definitely be dramatic, but with comedy, with mucho influence from John Green’s writing style, I’m sure. Looking For Alaska was what got me thinking about seriously writing a book in the first place. (I can’t underline that title, and it’s kind of buggin.)
I always have trouble with characters. Not their personalities necessarily, but names that fit.


Now onto movies.
I was pretty sick these past two weeks, so I spent a lot of time watching a ridiculous amount of films. Good films, though, so no worries.
“The Hours”. It had spectacular acting, that’s for sure, and the little boy who played Richard in the 50s was the cutest kid ever, but the entire thing did absolutely nothing for me. Maybe not nothing, but not much.
“Kingdom of Heaven”. Eh. No thanks. I didn’t feel like the story went very far in two hours and twenty minutes.
I’m a harsh critic/picky, I know. Whatever, we’ll all get over it in time, I’m sure.
“25th Hour”. Good. Not my favorite Edward Norton flick, but that’s only because he was completely amazing in “Fight Club” and “American History X”. But he is in my top 3 for favorite movie stars.
Speaking of Ed, “Red Dragon”. Ralph Fiennes has got to be one of the best bad guys ever, he just does it so well. Look at “Schindler’s List” and “In Bruges”. Fantastic.

I’ve had the urge to watch “Stick It!” lately, and I wont lie, I love that movie. Cheesy, I know, but I’m a weird movie watcher.

I can’t wait for season 4 of Weeds to come out on DVD. SO EXCITED.

I hate the idea of Blue Ray, by the way. Why can’t the world be satisfied with something that isn’t the best? I can still remember my mom and I getting our first DVD player and our first DVD (Return To Me). That was barely 6 years ago for heaven’s sake. Give it a break.


I move out of my apartment on Wednesday. I’m eager to get away from my stupid roomate, but I’ll miss the theatre crowd. I’ll be back though. 17 credit hours next semester. Gahh. Mostly theatre classes with Math and French. I’m minoring in French I’ve decided. I’ll try anyway. If it doesn’t work out I’ll settle for something else, Art, maybe…except I haven’t touched a sketchbook or a paintbrush for almost a year now.
It’s sad, really. Something I once loved, something that was once my entire life is no longer that because I drowned myself in too much of it.


I want to see Eisley in concert again. oooo I wonder who’s playing at the Ventura Theater this summer. Since I’ll be thereee. I’m happy to go home, despite the fact that it’s no longer home. Freaking Utah. Oh well.

I’ve written enough. Too much about myself.


Good night and later days.