I don’t talk unless I know what I can say. That’s why I’m generally shy at times. I just realized that.


I don’t have much to say except I have had a really bad week that’s consisted of being more sick than I can ever remember being from a stupid cold.


I haven’t felt like writing. I just think too much, then when it comes time to write I don’t know what to think about, and I’ve already forgotten anything vaguely interesting to write about.

I’ve always wanted to write stories, but can never complete one. It’s disappointing, to say the least.

Songs of the day: Pandora.com station “A Fine Frenzy”. Amazing.


I can’t wait for May 7th. The day I plan on going to California.
It’s odd…these last couple of weeks I’ve been wanting to go home so badly, but I feel like I’m going to just be visiting home now, and now..it’s just no longer home. I don’t want it to not be. But it’s inevitable I guess.

I really need my hair to grow about one more inch, then I’ll be perfectly happy with it.



I complain to much. I’ve taken notice to it, personally, and I think I’m doing better to not. It’s annoying to me, so I can only imagine how others feel about it. Or maybe I just overlooked that entire thing and nobody really cares. Probable.


It’s just human to be jealous, right? And if nothing is done as a reaction of jealousy, who cares? Exactly.
PS – people overlook particular situations far too much, now that I was just talking about overlooking.

I don’t go into specifics much. I know. Sorry. I know what I’m talking about, and my gut tells me that know one cares enough about my life and thoughts to read this, so why should it matter in the long run anyway? Yeah.



I can’t sleep when there’s a light on outside my door. Even if I can’t see it, I subconciously know it’s always there. Like now, for example.


Hot Hot Heat. Good stuff.


I felt kind of left out this weekend. That sounds kind of pathetic, but it’s true. I got to the boys’ house around 12:3o because Kalyn texted me and told me they were there, so I went. Ten minutes after I got there everyone left to “go get food”, so I stayed and played a little Wii while waiting for them to get back.
I left an hour later after realizing they weren’t coming back any time soon. And also that I was the only lucid being on the premisses. It didn’t feel the best, I’ll tell you that.



Let’s be honest: I wish I had better friends.

Later days.