During my nightmare last night I had to stab someone in the forehead, and it seemed like it was a lot easier than it should have been. Sorry if that’s too graphic for you, but it’s the truth. I haven’t had a dream this real and memorable for a while. I think it’s because I’ve had “The Strangers” stuck in my head lately, along with “Funny Games”. I never saw Strangers, but my parents told me it was really disturbing.

Anyway, my dream started out with Shelbee and I running to Tyson’s house, which was in Ventura, and it was an , not a house. I vaguely remember two creepy people standing on the street outside, then a lot of running and screaming, then Tyson got shot in the head at some point. I’ll have to tell him all of this later. After that it was sort of fuzzy…but then I guess the creepy people turned into this one giant polar bear thing that eats only potatoes, and I was an FBI agent or something. The monster was in my garage of the house I lived in about four years ago and I was trying to get it out of my garage by throwing the potatoes out of it and into the driveway. I also had a gun on me so I’m not sure why I didn’t just shoot it. I had a partner, who ended up being the one doctor from House that’s short with the big nose..except he was taller and also an FBI agent.

And I woke up to my loud alarm just after the polar bear monster was talking to what looked like Russian mobsters.

I promise this was a dream, I would have never been able to come up with anything this intense conscious.


So other than my dream, my day has been kind of interesting. I went to the emergency room this morning around 8 because I was ( and still am) having trouble breathing with sharp pain in my throat and chest. They basically danced around what was wrong with me and didn’t tell me exactly, but gave me cough medcine that tastes nasty. And I got to breath pure oxygen for a couple of minutes, that was nice, actually.

Now I’m still in pain, but I can breath a little better. Sitting in a room for two hours didn’t really help too much though. And I missed my classes today, plus I have to do a project for theatre due tomorrow. Blahhh.


I will now watch my movies of choice for the day: The Life Aquatic and The Great Mouse Detective.


Later days.