I don’t understand why people need to turn on so many lights at once. I find that there’s an exception of you are seven years old and afraid of the dark, but if you’re a 19-year-old college student get the hell over it and stop wasting electricity por favor. Gracias.

On that note, I’ve decided that I want to continue learning (and perhaps re-learning, thanks to Buena High School’s Spanish department) Spanish here at Weber State. I knew I was going to take a couple of language courses, but I was stuck between French and Spanish. Considering I did well enough in my high school Spanish classes at Foothill Tech, I figured it would work out just fine this way. And I like Spanish, so it’s a win-win, really.


Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party, and I felt really anxious there. I don’t really understand why, I knew everybody there fairly well, so it doesn’t make much sense. It was really odd…I don’t tend to get anxious unless I’m on a bus.

I like to listen to “A Fine Frenzy” station on Pandora whenever I write on here, that kind of music tends to help me think a little easier than normal.


I talked with Sam Cook last night, I don’t think I’ve really done that before. He’s a really interesting guy (in all ways good), and I really liked talking to him, he is an easy person to talk to it seems. He told me I bring a nice diversity to the people in the theatre department at Weber. I’m not sure what he meant by that, but it sounded nice at the time.


I always wonder who reads the things I write if anybody. It’s interesting to know who’s reading about the pieces of my life that I choose to share with the world. I find my life to be somewhat interesting, but by no means does that mean anyone else will. I like to think someone does though. Optimism is key.
I’ve recently discovered that I like sharing my life with others. I want everyone to know just about everything. I’ve been thinking a lot about many things lately, and I believe that it’s always best to be openly honest about everything with people, and life will go on accordingly as it is supposed to. I truly believe it, and I think sincerity is fantastic stuff.


Time for bed I think.


Later days.